Food Innopolis

Food Innopolis was established at Thailand Science Park in Pathum Thani Province. It is a government agency that functions as a supporting organization and connection hub, facilitating and promoting food-related research development and innovation. 

Food Innopolis also helps strengthen and expand the competitive powers of food industry enterprises of all sizes. In addition, Food Innopolis is trying to build up a good research development and innovation ecosystem with the participation of many allies in a nationwide network covering every region of Thailand.  This makes it easier for food business entrepreneurs to access all kinds of research and development resources as well as services at universities and government agencies.


Food Innopolis provides One Stop Service to make it easy for entrepreneurs to access the information, resources and services they need.  Food Innopolis wants to encourage research development and innovation, so that Thailand’s entrepreneurs can more efficiently create new value-added products and services that consumers in the target markets really want. Food Innopolis strives to integrate universities and other public and private institutions in Thailand and abroad so that they can help to solve problems faced by all sizes of entrepreneurs.

One Stop Service | Thailand Food Innopolis is a global food innovation hub

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Support for research development and innovation

Specialized equipment and tools for research development and innovation projects (Information on Laboratory Equipment, Machinery, and Pilot Plants)

Information resources for food industry innovations

Information on tax benefits and financial support

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