One Stop Service

A specialized one-stop service provider with
completed solution for advanced food research and innovation

Research, development and innovation support services

1. Facilitate and support information to connect entrepreneurs with researchers and experts, and related technological expertise from universities and research institutes
2. Research, development and innovation consultation
3. Linking and coordinating researchers and experts in government agencies and research institutes, such as by:

  • Developing many kinds of research projects, including consultation projects, research collaborations, and follow-up to make sure research results can be applied
  • Product development to tailor products according to the needs of specific customer groups or target markets
  • Improving or adjusting production processes
    to be more efficient
  • Quality development for food products

4. Educating people about modern research, technology and innovations as well as providing marketing advice
for makers of food products through seminars and workshops

Providing labs, tools, equipment, and maker space for research, development and innovation

1. Providing information about available scientific tools and equipment so that entrepreneurs can access specialized resourcesat the laboratory level and the pilot plant level
at universities and research institutes
2. Providing information about testing and analysis services
for food products
3. Providing information about high-tech flavor testing and sensory evaluation
4. Providing information and facilities for the development
of prototype products in the Food Maker Space as well as laboratory space in the Future Food Lab and commercial
level projects at the Pilot Plant
5. Providing information to entrepreneurs about leasing
space at the Thailand Science Park, regional science parks,
or universities in the Food Innopolis network to set up
research centers, coordination centers or food labs,
and applying for tax incentives
6. Ingredients library
7. Packaging library

Information about developing food innovation businesses

1. Information about services offered by government agencies
2. Information about official rules and regulations concerning the development of food products, such as how to register a product
3. Information about intellectual property rights
4. Information about trends in food innovations, technology and marketing
5. Appraisal of the potential of business proposals and technological systems to assist in acquiring financing
6. Business matchmaking
7. Connecting with and building cooperative agreements with allied organizations in Thailand and abroad

Information about incentives and financial support

1. Investment incentives from the Board of Investment (BOI)
2. Tax incentives for research, development and innovations
3. Information about grants and sources of financing, and coordinating with funding agencies providing financial support for research
4. Information about loans and low interest credit plans

พื้นที่เช่าและสิ่งอำนวยความสะดวกด้านวิจัย พัฒนา และนวัตกรรม

  • พื้นที่เช่าเพื่อการทำวิจัยและนวัตกรรม ทั้งในรูปแบบที่ให้บริษัทเข้ามาตกแต่งเอง (Modular Design) และแบบพร้อมใช้ (Ready-to-move-in lab) รวมทั้งมีที่ดินเปล่าสำหรับสร้างอาคาร/ศูนย์วิจัย และสร้างโรงงานต้นแบบเพื่อการวิจัยและพัฒนา (Pilot Plant)

Food Innopolis

Special Platforms

Food Innopolis is integrating food innovation efforts by creating linkages between agencies at universities and in private and public sector organizations as well as allied agencies in Thailand and abroad. Food Innopolis aims to establish a strong food innovation infrastructure at the national level and in each region of Thailand that will serve as a complete platform that is well equipped and ready to provide all the needed services to support entrepreneurs at every level.