One Stop Service

One stop service centers will be established to provide a complete service on research, development and innovations and to facilitate international and local leading food companies to invest in Food Innopolis. This innovation ecosystem consists of:

  • Rental spaces for research and innovations both in the forms of modular design and ready-to-move-in lab, as well as vacant land for construction of a research centers/buildings and pilot plants
  • Laboratories of the four national research centers : BIOTEC, MTEC, NANOTEC, NECTEC
  • Food & Feed Innovation Center, Thailand Bioresource Center, Central Lab, Sensory Evaluation Center, Food Quality and Safety Center, Food Packaging Research Center, Advanced Food Research and Innovation Center
  • Co-working space and Lifestyle Facility
The center will provide service to facilitate coordination with relevant agencies such as BOI, the Revenue Department, Food and Drug Administration, the National Food Institute, Testing and accreditation service organizations, FoSTAT, universities and research institutes.
  • Provide in-depth marketing database service
  • Provide consumer research and marketing research services
  • Groom new technopreneurs for food innovation businesses and coordinate for founding a business
  • Develop business and marketing plans
  • Research and joint investment funding coordination
  • Provide intellectual property management service and consultation

Service Platform

Food Innopolis offers service platform which supports food innovation development for private companies, via partnership with food innovation specialty networks, both locally and internationally as follows:

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